Hotel Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and tourist center of Vojvodina, the second largest city in Serbia.
Novi Sad has a very favorable geographical position - located on important transport corridors, which provides significant competitive advantages.
Novi Sad has road, rail and river connection with the environment. City's acquisition and integration of main inland roads on the routes:
- North East and Eastern Europe, the Middle and Far East;
- Central and Northern Europe, to the Adriatic ports.
Passes through the city traffic corridor no. 10 which in its basic direction of Salzburg to Thessaloniki connects eight, including legs, six more states. Corridor no. 7 or Danube corridor by water, across the Danube, connecting the countries of Western Europe with the Black Sea. Float a small canal Novi Sad is connected to the system Danube - Tisa - Danube which allows transport links waterway and it upstream to downstream of Central Europe and the Black Sea. Novi Sad is located at 1255 km flow, the sector of the City runs wide, across the plain, building many ade, backwaters and inlets.


Positioned on the Danube, with the Fortress of the seventeenth century, at the crossroads of the most important roads in the vicinity of Fruska Gora with 17 cultural and historical important monasteries, the farms in the immediate vicinity, attractive old town, numerous museums, prestigious Novi Sad Fair, and as the host of numerous world famous festivals and events, the City of Novi Sad has all the necessary diversity offers the necessary one modern recreation center that is willing and able to exercise a conspicuous place on the tourist map of the world.

Novi Sad since 2006, member of European cities tourism (EUROPIAN Cities Tourism). In 2008, visited by 97,008 tourists, representing 4.20% of the total number of tourists in the Republic of Serbia. At the harbor in Novi Sad, only in 2008 landed about 500 ships, of which 250 foreign, with about 35,000 passengers. In addition, the Agricultural Fair every year there are about 300,000 visitors, while the EXIT music festival gathered 150,000, of which a significant portion also are foreigners.

Of the numerous tourist values we recommend include: