Hotel Novi Sad

Organization of weddings

The day of your wedding and entering into marriage should stay in the best memories, leave everything to us and let in a beautiful hotel restaurant Novi Sad, friendly staff ensures that your joy may be perfectly organized.

Professional, trained team, with a long tradition, most imaginative regulating facilities for your wedding day.We organise a day to remember because the customers' wishes are our challenge, while our expertise and imagination of their choice.

The perfect wedding does not happen - it organize!
The moment that perpetuates love, gathers loved ones, leaving memories and the talk is definitely yours. We take the responsibility for the design and selection of all elements of decoration of flowers, candles, upholstery for chairs, tablecloths, lighting up to the smallest details, in accordance with the specified area, and on the occasion.
To make the whole picture perfect, the attention paid to every, even the smallest detail, because life consists of little things.

Contact: +381 21 /442-511 , +381 63/664-966, +381 63/660-509
Hotel Novi Sad, on their wedding day, gifts you the honeymoon apartment, champagne and a surprise gift!